David Trumble

name David And Donna Trumble are sewing professionals and author books on sewing and quilting. Get all your sewing answers at www.sewinganswers.com or http://www.sewinganswers.com/RotaryCutting.php

The Right Stitch

19th February 2008
How Do You Choose The Right Stitch And Properly Adjust It? How To Adjust Sewing Machine Stitches? If you include all the hand stitches, sewing machine utility stitches, sewing machine decorative stitches, serger stitches, and industrial manufacturi... Read >

How To Sew Satin Stitch

19th February 2008
All stitches begin as a straight stitch. The straight stitch may be adjusted for stitch length to create fine, medium, and long straight stitches. The longest straight stitch is called a basting stitch. For over a hundred years, the straight stitc... Read >

How Do You Sew A Rolled Hem?

14th February 2008
How do you sew a rolled hem? Raw edges of fabric are prone to fraying and they look unfinished. The other day, we were setting up a big party for family and friends to celebrate the soon to be birth of our seventh grandchild and our second grand daughte... Read >